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Sales are up, and incentives are coming in France

Sales of electric two-wheelers are up sharply in France, even before the start of new incentive programs.

BMW’s electric scooter coming to US

BMW has announced the Long Range version of its C Evolution scooter, and it will be coming to the US.

It’s ski season for Volta!

Volta Motorbikes has just released a picture of the snow bike it is developing.

Jan-Aug 2015 sales of electric motorcycles and scooters in France

Sales of electric motorcycles and scooters in France are disappointing for the first 8 months of 2015, except for the BMW C-Evolution scooter and Electric Motion’s EM7 trial bike.

Electric scooters at Intermot 2014

Electric scooters out-numbered the gas-powered models, giving us a good idea of where this industry is heading in Europe.

Live from Intermot 2014

An entire hall is dedicated to electric bikes and scooters, with an inside track to test the bikes and an outside track to test the scooters.

Here comes the C Evolution, the BMW of electric scooter

The production of the C Evolution has finally started at BMW’s factory in Berlin-Spandau. Will this sophisticated, powerful and expensive electric scooter be the Tesla of the e-scooter and ignite the market?