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Electric scooters: what’s new for 2017?

2017 could finally be the year when people, especially in Europe, start embracing electric scooters.

Scoot introduces the GenZe scooter in its fleet

The San Francisco scooter rental network includes now the American-made Mahindra GenZe 2.0 scooter.

Can Mahindra’s GenZe become the Nissan Leaf of electric scooters?

Since the demise of Vectrix, one would be hard-pressed to mention the brand name of an electric scooter available in the US. This might change soon with the arrival of the GenZe.

The Mahindra GenZe STS, a new American electric scooter

Developed in Silicon Valley and manufactured in Ann Harbor, Michigan, this new electric scooter from the Indian automaker Mahindra will be available this summer.