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Energica opens its first US showroom

On July 6th, Energica inaugurated the “Galleria Energica” in San Francisco, and gave us a glimpse of its US distribution strategy.

Scoot introduces the GenZe scooter in its fleet

The San Francisco scooter rental network includes now the American-made Mahindra GenZe 2.0 scooter.

eCooltra launched its electric scooter-sharing in Barcelona

After San Francisco and Paris, Barcelona is the lastest city to have a GOVECS-based scooter-sharing program.

150 GOVECS scooters for Scoot in San Francisco

Munich-based Govecs announced today that it has started the delivery of 150 electric scooters to Scoot Networks in San Francisco.

Scoot is upgrading its scooters and network in San Francisco

You can now find Scoot’s electric scooters in 8 new locations in San Francisco, and the service is in the process of switching all its scooters to lithium batteries.

Will Paris soon have an electric-scooter sharing program?

If Anne Hidalgo wins Paris’ next mayoral election in a few weeks, Paris will soon have Scootlib, an electric-scooter sharing program.