Test ride the electric Energica Ego!

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The Italian firm CRP, maker of the Energica Ego, has finished its test rides in Italy, and announced test ride dates for Munich, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

We have presented the Energica Ego a few months ago (http://cleanrider.com/energica-ego-ready-testing/), and there is no question that this bike is awesome. Now CRP has given us the dates for test rides in Germany and the US:

–       June 29 in Munich, Germany

–       July 18 in San Francisco

–       July 20 in Los Angeles

–       July 30 in Bear Mountain, New York

If you are interested in one of these test rides, go to http://www.energicasuperbike.com/where-is-my-ego-tour/ and fill out the questionnaire.

It looks like the Lightning LS-218 and the Mission RS will have some serious competition! What do you think?

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