The city of Aix-en-Provence gets its first Artelec 670

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The French firm Eccity delivered two electric Artelec 670 to the city of Aix-en-Provence in the south of France.

They are part of a larger order of 12 Artelec 670 that Eccity received from the French city. Some of these scooters will be specially equipped for the local police force. Other cities in the south of France, Grasse and Monte Carlo, are already using the Artelec 670.

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We presented this 125cc-equivalent electric scooter in a previous article:

Since then, Eccity has expanded its distribution network to Germany and Austria. In France, it is offering a 3-year lease for €149 ($166) per month with €0 down. The firm has recently introduced a cargo version of the Artelec 670. This is a smart move, since most electric scooters are being purchased by businesses as delivery vehicles.

Eccity has also announced a new 50cc-equivalent electric scooter, the Artelec 470, which will be powered by a 4 kW motor. The market for 50cc scooters is much larger than the 125cc market, since they don’t require a full driver’s license in France and can be ridden by 14-year-olds. Delivery date for this new scooter is not known at this time.

It is nice to witness the growth of this start-up, and it might become a serous competitor for the German firm GOVECS.


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