Waiting for Congress…

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The Federal tax credit for buyers of electric bikes expired at the end of 2013, and the US Congress has still not voted on legislation to extend the program.

The incentive amounted to 10% of the price of an electric motorcycle, scooter or bicycle in the form of a tax credit, with a limit of $2,500. For now, buyers of electric bikes will have to hope that Congress will act soon to pass a new law that will be applied retroactively to any purchase made after January 1, 2014. It would not be so unusual; the last law that just expired was passed at the end of 2012, and applied to any purchase made after January 1, 2012. It’s the way Congress works…

This uncertainty comes at a bad time, as sales of electric scooters and motorcycles are still very modest. For those of us who hope that 2014 will finally be the year of the electric bike, the return of the Federal tax break cannot come soon enough.

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