Wave 2015 rally

Wave 2014

Wave 2014

The Wave 2015 rally will try to reclaim the Guinness world record for largest parade of electric vehicles that it lost to the National Drive Electric Week event in Cupertino last September.

The Cupertino event, with 507 EV’s (including 16 electric motorcycles), beat the Wave 2014 record of 481 EV’s, which counted 14 electric motorcycles.

Louis Palmer, organizer of The Wave events, is already planning the 2015 edition and is expecting to reclaim the Guinness world record. The 2015 Wave is scheduled to start June 13th. The 8-day rally will go through Eastern Germany and Northern Italy via Switzerland. Noting that the 2014 event attracted participants from 14 different countries, among them Singapore and Australia, Louis Palmer told us that he is actively looking to increase the international attendance, especially from America. To that effect, he is hopping to be able to offer a shipping solution for American electric bike owners who want to participate in the event.

So if you want to spend an interesting week in Europe with other EV enthusiasts, this might be your ticket…

Watch the 2014 Wave video:




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