Will Vectrix (again) rise from its ashes?


The American manufacturer of electric scooters closed its doors at the end of 2013. While its products won numerous eScooter of the Year Awards and were distributed in several countries in Europe and Asia, the firm  had always a shaky business foundation.

Created in 2006 in Rhode Island, Vectrix had an R&D facility in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The scooters were assembled in a factory in Wroclaw, Poland. Vectrix went through a first bankruptcy in 2009. Hong Kong-based Gold Peak Batteries then bought it. Its main product was the VX-1, a scooter available with a 3.7 kWh or a 5.2 kWh lithium battery. The firm presented several new models over the past years, but none of them reached the production stage.

The most recent was the VT-1, developed with the Smart division of Daimler Benz. It is a 125cc-equivalent scooter with a lithium battery, capable of a 62 mph max speed and a range of 55 miles. Smart was supposed to commercialize its own version of this scooter.


Will someone step forward to buy the assets of Vectrix?  The company owns the intellectual property on the VT-1 and is willing to sell it to a buyer wanting to make it. Will Daimler Benz take over the Poland factory to produce the Smart eScooter? It would be very sad if Vectrix and its assets just disappeared, considering the international recognition it build up over the years.

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  1. Ryssen wrote the 04/02/2014

    Still too expensive…

    Very soon there will be a manufacturer which will propose the same kind of products but twice cheaper. and makes mass production, and massive profits…

    It is really possible !

  2. JP DARWIN, the author of the post, wrote the 04/02/2014

    Yes, sooner or later it will be possible. Let’s hope it is sooner!

  3. Kenatic wrote the 12/05/2014

    OK…. who do I contact to buy Vectrix corp? I’m sick of no support and parts for my beloved scooters…!

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