Yamaha’s e-Vino released in Taiwan

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This 50cc-equivalent electric scooter from Yamaha is now available in Taiwan.

Introduced at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, the e-Vino is the first electric scooter from Yamaha. The EC 03 sold in Europe is more of a moped. Yamaha hopes to sell 2,000 units in Taiwan, where the scooter will be produced. The 50cc market in Taiwan represents about 10 000 units, of which 70% are electric.

The e-Vino comes with a removable 50V lithium-ion battery and a newly-developed motor. It is based on the Vino Molfe, a popular 50cc scooter in the Japanese market. The range is 18 miles (30 km) at 18 mph (30 km/h). The price in Taiwan is 58,500 TWD ($1,840).

We don’t know at this point if the e-Vino will be sold in any other markets. Yamaha is supposed to start selling electric motorcycles in the world markets sometimes in 2015, and maybe this electric scooter will also be included. If the e-Vino makes it to the US, may we suggest a different name…

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  1. escooteristfor15years wrote the 04/03/2015

    The price and specs look idea for city use. Interesting market size, about 7,000 units a year.