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Zero is surfing a wave of good news and positive reviews of its electric motorcycles by specialized and mass media from around the world.

Consumer Reports, Forbes, Fox News, Le Figaro are just some of the latest media talking positively about Zero’s electric bikes. And this comes on top of the shot-heard-around-the-world, the presentation of the first electric Harley Davidson motorcycle, the LiveWire, which instantly legitimized the concept of electric motorcycle.

Zero has also developed its international distribution channels, especially in Europe, and the sales numbers are rather encouraging. Jay Friedland, Zero’s vice-President, recently declared in an interview with the Santa Cruz Sentinel that “probably 60% of our business is export”.

Fleet sales are growing, especially to police departments across the world. Started in 2011 when police squads from London, UK, and Scotts Valley, California, ran trial tests with Police versions of the DS model, there are now over 25 police departments in the US using Police versions of the DS and the S model. A few weeks ago, the LAPD received a Zero MMX, a military off-road version developed for the US Special Operation Forces and based on the Zero MX (which curiously is no longer mentioned in Zero’s 2014 catalog). This is not the first Zero for the LAPD, which last year also got DS Police models.

In 2013, Zero sold 100 DS Police electric bikes to the Bogota, Colombia police forces, and 59 S Police bikes to the Hong Kong police. Since then, police departments in France, Holland, Spain and Germany have ordered electric bikes from Zero. One of the advantages of an electric bike is its low operation cost, and Police officers like its quietness, which allow them to go undetected.

It is also easy to notice that Zero has become very involved with social media, in the USA and in foreign markets. Offers of test rides are difficult to miss on the net, and Zero has now Facebook pages in different languages where users of its bikes post pictures and testimonies.

Facebook page in France

Facebook page in France

So all the ingredients are there for Zero Motorcycles to have a great sales year and solidify its position as the leading electric motorcycles manufacturer in the world. Last year, Scot Harden, Zero’s Vice President of global marketing, predicted over 2,000 sales in 2014. Recently, he talked about 2,400 sales for the year. How high will Zero’s sales go, and will the Californian firm release real sales numbers at the end of the year?

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  1. yuval Brandstetter MD wrote the 14/07/2014

    My FX is a whole lot of fun, very practical for my commute, and the off-road arounf my place in southern Israel. having made 1400 KMs that is 300 dollars worth of gas off my car expenses for commuting.

  2. Albert wrote the 20/07/2014

    Do you see any other Zero bike in your neighborhood?

    • yuval Brandstetter MD wrote the 17/05/2015

      No. The suspicion that batteries will leave ypou stranded is pervasive. Especially where i live where its a mix of country-side and city, with relatively longer distances between towns. Some riders feel that silent riding is somehow deficient. But the main detraction is the inability to “fill up” fast. Thus I have ridden 7K kilometers and have not yet met my peer in non-pollution riding.
      Did you know that ICE is an important cause of autism?

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